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Any kind of driving offense can be unsettling and upsetting. Every year, numerous drivers in the Atlanta South Metro area are arrested for DUI or issued citations for a variety of driving mishaps. In any of these situations, a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can be vital in protecting your rights and guiding you through the legal process.

From our office in Peachtree City, the DUI lawyers of Lindsey & Lacy, PC, help people across the region to navigate the pitfalls that come from being charged with DUI or traffic offenses. We will work diligently to help you avoid or minimize the potential penalties from these charges.

Lawyers Handling Fayetteville and South Metro Drunk Driving

A DUI conviction can lead a number of serious consequences, including the loss of license, jail time, community service, alcohol or drug use evaluation, driving school and high monetary fines. The refusal to submit to a chemical test for DUI (breath, blood or urine) or failure of the chemical test can lead to a one-year license suspension beginning as soon as 10 days after the arrest, If you are under age 21, you can be convicted of DUI with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of only .02.

Georgia has severe penalties for certain moving violations. For example, driving without a license can lead to a one-year prison sentence and a $1,000 fine. Other offenses, such as racing, receiving as few as two moving violations within a 12-month period, and exceeding the posted speed limit by 24 mph or more, can create serious problems in your life.

Our law firm brings a complete perspective to DUI and traffic violations. Attorney Richard Lindsey is the former City Attorney for Peachtree City. In this position, he was responsible for prosecuting and training attorneys to prosecute DUI, traffic offenses and certain misdemeanor offenses. As a result, he understands what the prosecution needs to prove in these cases. This experience is invaluable for creating the best possible defense to your criminal allegations.

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