Real Property

Real property law is perhaps the oldest body of law recognized in our country. Many of our present laws governing real estate have their roots in feudal England. To this day, these laws cast a shadow over how property can be owned, used and transferred today. There are many different manners in which a person can own rights in land. Most individuals either own or lease a residence; similarly, businesses can own land rights. Governments can change the rights you have in your land through zoning and condemnation.

If you are entering into a real estate transaction, are engaged in a zoning dispute or have another pressing need, a lawyer can be vital in protecting your rights and your investment.

At Lindsey & Lacy, PC, our Peachtree City real estate law attorneys are well versed in the laws governing the ownership and use of real property. We represent clients across Georgia in all types of commercial and residential transactions, including:

A significant portion of our work in this field involves working with property owners in their dealings before government and administrative agencies. With significant knowledge of zoning, development and building ordinances, we have successfully represented clients with rezoning petitions, variance requests, and development and building code issues. All in all, our varied experience and innovative approach makes our firm a sound choice to handle your real property needs.

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