Eminent Domain Attorney

In Georgia, state, city or municipal governmental agencies — such as the Georgia Department of Transportation — can take private land for public use under the state's eminent domain laws.

Located in Peachtree City, Lindsey & Lacy, PC, helps property owners throughout Fayetteville and the South Atlanta metro area get fair compensation for property taken by the government.

It's Your Property, The Government Needs To Pay You For It

Commonly referred to as "land condemnation," eminent domain involves taking private property — such as homes or businesses — for a public purpose. The most common instance of eminent domain occurs when homeowners lose a portion of their property so streets can be widened.

Under state and federal laws, property owners are entitled to "just compensation" for any property, or portion of property, taken by the government. Just compensation is the price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller in an open-market sale.

When the government decides to "condemn" and take a piece of property, it must bring a condemnation suit in the local court and submit a deposit of estimated just compensation. Many times, the price offered does not accurately reflect the fair market value of the property taken.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators and highly skilled negotiators. These skills serve our clients well when going up against the Georgia Department of Transportation, power and gas companies, railroads, schools, airports and other local government entities.

At Lindsey & Lacy, PC, we make sure the compensation our clients get is truly "just" and represents the actual fair market value of their property. Our attorneys evaluate a wide variety of factors to determine what is "just compensation," including:

  • If property is designed for a special use that increases its value
  • The value of any fixtures on the property
  • Whether the property is used for rental purposes
  • Whether the public use increases or decreases the value of the remaining property
  • The value if the property is put to its highest and best use

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You don't need to lose your entire property for your right to just compensation to arise. Permanently using a portion of your property for gas or electric lines, taking a portion of your yard to expand a road, or interfering with access to your home or business is a "taking." Contact our Peachtree City eminent domain lawyers today to protect your right to compensation.