Land Use And Zoning Attorney

Municipal land use and real estate zoning laws are often complex. Many complicated rules and regulations govern how residential and commercial properties are used. These rules are constantly changing. As such, a property use that was allowed when you purchased your land may be rezoned to prohibit that activity.

If changes in land use and zoning ordinances have restricted your land use or put your business at risk, you need Lindsey & Lacy, PC. Our attorneys have been involved in municipal law for more than 20 years.

Located in Peachtree City, Lindsey & Lacy, PC, represents residential and commercial property owners, developers and business owners throughout Georgia during land use and zoning disputes.

At Lindsey & Lacy, PC, we help landowners resolve their land use and zoning disputes in the most efficient manner possible. Our attorneys help clients get the zoning amendments, variances and permits they need to develop their properties and keep their businesses open.

At Lindsey & Lacey, PC, We Know Municipal Government.

For more than 17 years, attorney Rick Lindsey has acted as city attorney to various local municipalities throughout Georgia. This inside knowledge allows us to provide our clients with special insight during land use and zoning disputes.

Because we understand the rules, regulations and processes involved, we know what it takes to obtain the variances and permits our clients need to complete their projects on time and on budget.

We represent clients during every stage of their land use dispute, including drafting initial permit applications, representation during administrative hearings and any necessary appeals to state court.

For assistance with residential or commercial land use disputes or zoning issues, contact Lindsey & Lacy, PC, at 770-486-8445 schedule a consultation with an experienced Peachtree City land use lawyer.